Friday, October 17, 2008

12 days and counting...

So many things so little time!
Talked to my mother this morning. They arrived in PA on Monday night. Tuesday morning they began cleaning out the house. It was Firday morning when I talked to them last...
In three days:
They have cleaned out the attic, cleaned out the three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs completely, cleaned out the basement, cleaned out the garage completely. All that is left is some things in the downstairs. My mother said the way to get it done quick, GIVE IT AWAY...people come out of the woodwork to help you! I am so impressed with my parents, but at the same time worried that they are working too hard. They are putting in 10 -15 hour days. Too much! I wish I were there to help them!
Now on this end, I am to be getting ready for a sale and well, it is not happening very quickly. Jay is all over everywhere...and that is putting it very nicely!
He is a good boy, just so curious, and very very CLEVER!

My Aunt and Uncle were here this morning to drop off some things that I gave them for baby to put in the sale.
Here was his old boucy seat..

They also brought some leftovers from their refrigerator. Everytime someone leaves from here they bring me their refrig stuff...which is kind of fun, saves me from having to go to the grocery store...hahahaha! But unfortunately, no Soy Sauce. That's kind of a family joke there. My mother has left me three jars of Soy Sauce i kept in my fridge...on their last return, I returned all three bottles...hahahah!!! Only, I threw the other two away as they were really old, and never used!

Once again, I am breaking the child labor laws...hehehe:

My baby is growing up so fast! 12 days til his birthday! :o( He is growing so fast! But he is so much fun and brings us such joy. He is just now beginning to understand he can smile, giggle, and engage those around him and he is beginning to become a little clown! So fun to watch his personality blossom!
He is starting to talk and say things after I do. Much by accident, although he is beginning to master the "good bye" at appropriate moments.
Here is is in his high chair just after lunch. The first one he is just being serious, the second you can tell he wants out!

I received a fabulous package in the mail today from my Secret Pal at All Moments Remembered. It is full of non traditional scrapbooking supplies. I can't wait to begin to use it. Fibers, fabric, a set of washers, and light switch plates...FUN! She also made this great card for me!

I made a pork Loin Roast in the crock pot this week and we have been enjoying that for a few days. I so love a good BBQ sandwich of pulled pork, with some sweet tea...heaven! So I must go and have my lunch!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is really super special today. I'm having so much fun smiling and giggling along with the videos! Thanks for making me so happy......It's almost as good as being there! Love, Mom C.

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