Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unwrapping life...

It's hard to believe...I dropped my parents off at the airport yesterday and they were on their way to PA to clean out their home in preparation of their sale! I spoke to them this afternoon and they worked an hour last night when they arrived home.
They started up again at 6:30 this morning. They have the attic cleaned out and an upstairs closet. My mother is donating dog crates to the humane society and some beds to some people that are very poor and sleep on the floor. My nephew called and informed my parents that he was going to opt out of college and continue working at Best Buy. He is moving out on his own and will need some furniture. They are glad to be rid of the living room furniture and a few other pieces.
Today Jayda has a chorus program at school for the school board. Parents are invited, so the children and I are going to watch her at 4:00pm. Jay is napping now so he will be refreshed and ready to go.
Speaking of Jay sleeping. He has been up two nights in a row every two hours. It's going to be time for some tough love...cry it out kind of stuff. ACK!!!!

Jay was cleaning today:

Jay received his first birthday present today....we are 15 days out from his birthday. The party is on hold for the moment until my parents are back in town from selling their home in PA.
Uncle Phil and Aunt Sue sent an adorable outfit along with a sweet card!

Here he is opening his very first present!

Thank you so much for the fun present...oh yeah and the clothes are cute too! It appears he would have been completely happy with an empty wrapped box! LOL


Anonymous said...

It was fun reading your newsy blog. I loved,loved,loved watching the videos! Congrats on your winning "Blankie" layout. You so deserved to win! Love Mom C.

Anonymous said...

I about peed my pants when I heard him say "thank you" !

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