Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Response was Overwhelming!

Thank you thank you thank you for talking to me! I love hearing from you and enjoyed your comments!
Okay okay okay....I have been taking some flack from some of my fans that I was self serving by giving directions for how to leave a comment...In my defense, some of my readers needed directions for how to communicate with me. I am so thrilled to hear from each and everyone of you!
Furthermore, I have also opened myself up to some complaining that I am not blogging often enough! Well, you are is very wrong of me to keep you in suspense. In my defense, baby Jay is BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, he is not sleeping well... nor am I!
Ok, let's try and do a quick catch up!
Starting from most recent and working back!
Just got back in from Wal Mart and getting a few missed items from this past weekly trip to the grocery. You know, it is so true that only going once a week saves a lot of money! It was nice going in the later evening as it wasn't so crowded while I got groceries! It was relatively uneventful until I got to check out and dropped a jar of baby food on the floor. have you ever done that? Do you know what it does when it lands? It is much like a bomb when it hits the ground sending baby food flying and shards of glass in every direction. It was really exciting because a huge wad of food landed smack in my crocs! YUM!
Just before dinner we had a severe thunderstorm come through with the makings of tornados inside of it! We were under a tornado warning and Mother called me. Uncle Gordy and Aunt Candy probably loved that afternoon Florida storm. They are enjoying their visit and hanging out with my mother and father.
Speaking of...we dropped off baby's pack n play to my uncle and aunt's house so Heather can use it for baby Jack while they are here. Of course, he had the most awesome mini chocolate bars out while we were there. I had two...yikes. Jay is intolerant of chocolate and may react with some eczema. {Sorry baby!} But it was sooooooooo good!
Normal afternoon of chasing the baby around and pulling him down off of the fire place he had climbed on. He just hasn't gotten his balance yet. It is not a big deal that he climbs it, it is the fact he has no spatial awareness and can fall backwards off it on the hard floor. I have caught him mid air once already. I guess tough love would let him fall. hahahaha
This morning I had a meeting at jayda's school to become a volunteer. I may, but I do not get to interact with Jayda at all. may forego the time away from baby working with other people's children and just have lunch with her at school once in a while.
My mother babysat for me. She did fabulous and did I! I didn't worry for a minute. {This weekend, tentatively I am leaving Jay with Grammy while Michael, Jay and I go fishing!} Jay must be growing up! Either that or I am ready to start cutting the umbilical cord!
Once I arrived back, I had my mother try and snap a head shot of me. I am thrilled to announce I have made a Design Team in the scrapping world! It hasn't been announced publicly yet so I am not giving all the details. Here is the photo I used. I thought it was kind of cool. Mom took it in the "night vision" setting of her camera!
Now you can see my short haircut!

How about this adorable couple! My mother took this of my brother and his wife Stacey while they were in North carolina on their way back to Florida! Adorable huh??? Hi guys! Hope you are doing well!

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled commentary.

Wednesday's farmer/flea circus was a washout! It rained...boohoo!

Tuesday Night baby had FUN FUN FUN in the tub!

Once you enlarge the one below, you will see that Jay often catches himself as he falls with his head. Starting from right to left on the picture. 1st bruise:He rolls across my volleyball and often lands head first. 2nd bruise:He fell head first into one of the bars of the kitchen gate. 3rd bruise:{fading} Into the wall, on a toy, on my knee. This seems to be the spot where he catches most falls. Moving down further on the picture you will see the right side of his mouth. He was about 6 inches from me as I was picking up scraps and throwing them in a small plastic garbage can. He lost his balance hit the side of his mouth and got a cut on the outside, but chawed up the inside of his cheek something fierce.
He never usually cries or cries only a second!

Jayda is busy working on her girl scouts and is building a blog to showcase her badge work. Now how cool is that for a girl scout!?!
Well, I will leave you with a bunch of photos my mother gave me on a disc today from her camera.....
Baby Jay is making a stand with the Elephant party!

Jay's first Tonka truck from Papa!

How we got him to keep a hat on is beyond me...this was in June of 2008!

Well, that's enough!
Blog ya later!


Anonymous said...

What can I say??? Your blog is terrific! Loved all the pictures, eswpecially your head shot..... how glamorous! Deb took neat pics too. Can't wait to see you all!Mom C.

rairie said...

Hey I loved it and thanks for including my that one of Bryan and Stacy that is why I included it on the disc. Pretty high tech, from my camera, to a computer, to a disc, to your computer, to the world.
Have great weekend...come here for dinner sunday night. Love you.

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