Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Springs

World Famous for the manatees, this park is a beautiful "Old Florida" place to experience the great outdoors! Although, the water is still way to warm elsewhere for the manatees to be hanging out in the spring. This spring is located just off of the St. John's River. It is one of only a few rivers to flow South to North for those of you who may not know...

We wanted to get out and enjoy the "cold front" that came through Florida last evening! It is only 76* today, although the sun makes it feel warmer! We were going to go out on the boat today but the winds are at or above 20 knots!

We put on our shoes and hats and headed out! The day could not have been more perfect and we were excited to "play"! Jay just was kind of there. Not real aware of a playground nearby or what it all meant. He was happy to be out and about and giggled when I put him down and let him walk for the first time. He is so precious and brings such joy to our lives!

The sign says ... no diving!

We reached the top of the springs and looked out over the bubbling beautiful water!

On the way back down, we could see several huge spiders...much like the one we saw in Ocala last weekend.
A cute squirrel stood and stared at us and the baby caught a sight of his first squirrel.

There was wildlife all over.
Even an otter...

Then we were off to the old home on the property built in 1850.

He was having a ball walking down through the grass!

Here's what Mike does when he gets a hold of a camera!
There were some really cute shots of the baby and I together. I loved it. I am usually the one behind the camera!
His FIRST swing ride!!!

You will see in this video clip, he is not real happy...ignore my poor videography! But, even more so...notice how the baby has the hang of swinging!!! Pure genius! hahaha

Then, we were off to the slide! Same response...but fun for me! HAHAHA

Baby's first picnic!

Mike even got a chance to use his binouculars!

It is what Florida falls are all about today!!!!
Thanks for spending the time with us on the bloggity blog!


Anonymous said...

What a terrific way to start my day!!! How neat to watch your movie/blog! The only thing lacking is popcorn!! Thank you for sharing your day with me. It was fun seeing the "first times"... the swinging, the picnic lunch, the wearing of the hat,etc... What a perfect day! Love, Mom C.

rairie said...

Thank you for my family did I love the videos. We are on our way...see you in a few days. I miss you so much. Get ready and rest before we arrive.

Mommy Dearest

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