Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

You know...I can't get Jay to stay still for a moment, nor can I get him to look at the camera. He is way too busy and involved in his own agenda to be bothered with me!
With that said, here are some cute photos of the side of his head...of him looking at dirt...of him picking up stuff and eating it.

This scraecrow kind of freaked him out. He just couldn't figure it out! Too funny!

Then it was on to daddy's office to visit since we were nearby. Jay ransacked the place and we left for lunch! It was so nice meeting up with Michael and connecting over lunch!
Stopped at my friend hattie's and she offered Jay some little tykes toys and let's just say he loved it...for 15 minutes. The carts 15 minutes of fame below:

After the mail arrived, I found another card for Jay's 1st birthday from Great Grandpa Red in Illinois!

For those of you counting, we are down to 8 days!!!!
Plan for his party the 1st of Nov. That is a Saturday. But you can bet, I am having a little cake for him on the 29th! :o)
This afternoon, I picked up Jayda from Chorus at 3 and headed over to her scout leaders house to pay for her camp this weekend. Jayda is going to girl scout camp!!! Exciting! We went to Target to get a Mess Kit and Mesh Bag. FUN!
Children doing homework and Jay babbling in my ear in his high chair munching on cheerios! His fav!
Thanks for checking out theblog and being so patient. This all but takes me forever to do!


Rachel said...

I love those cute pumpkin pictures! How precious is he??? :)

Anonymous said...

Jay was precious walking among the pumpkins....sooooo cute! We're both just grinning ear to ear looking at these pics. This is a really, really good blog.Love, Mom and Dad C.

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