Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another fun weekend!

I have to say I was not so sure about leaving jay for the day with Grammy while I went fishing. But, I knew he would be fine, it's whether or not everyone around him would be worn out from babysitting! Well, I am thrilled I had the chance to get out with my husband and fish for a bit. Even better, was having my awesome FIL there too! We all had a grand time. Dad kept pulling fish in. Little things...but as windy as it was and threatening weatherwise, anything biting was better than nothing. He kept trying to give me the best spots on the boat to fish from because he wanted me to catch sweet is that?
Well, no luck. We decided to try and find somewhere else to fish because the wind was unbearable! We headed into the river and were fishing the channel a bit. Well, just when I think there is no way Jay could catch another fish, he lands a HUGE black drum. This fish bent his rod and fought hard!!! We were loving pulling this one onboard to photograph. Afterall, it was the first good fish of the day!

Moments later, Michael hooks up with the fightingest fish I had ever seen brought to the boat! It was a Jack and put up a fabulous fight. Michael was so stoked to have a chance to fight this thing!

We threw many more casts and not much luck. A dolphin was about 25 yards across the way from us...chasing away all the fish. I still had no bite and was kind of bummed out. But it was ok, I really enjoyed seeing the guys catch fish!
I thought the spot down the way looked awesome! There was a channel between two islands where water was rushing on out into the large channel. Michael powered us over there with the trolling motor and we began to cast. I threw a few casts out and I had a fish on! I was so happy...but then happiness quickly passed on into "HOLY CRAP"!!!!!!! I had a a fish that was absolutely buzzing my line out. It was fighting so hard! I thought I hadn't seen a fish that fought more than Michael's....correction we had a new winner on the fighting front! Back and forth...I thought it was a shark as it was so strong and fighting hard. Then after it stayed on for so many minutes, I knew it wasn't a shark because it would have shredded the line and been off. So I am reeling and holding on for dear life! I had to hold it in the crook of my elbow a few times to rest my hand from holding it! The handle of the rod was anchored on my waist and really starting to hurt! We had no idea what was on the end of the line as it never surfaced for some time! All the while, Jay is making funny comments at the back of the boat. He had gone to get the camera...and began saying: "You go on and keep pulling on that I am gonna sit down here and rest a bit. Let me know when you got it to the boat!" Finally, I got it close and it turned sideways and flashed silver and yellow...a jack crevalle. So much fun! I was shaking and my heart was pounding. It is exactly that thrill which will bring me back another day to throw a line out in the water.

Now, if I can get over the freakiness of the shrimp and bait my own line. They just totally gross me out. Meanwhile, they have two barbs on the front of their head that they use to poke ya...and can draw blood! Mike got poked. So entirely gross!!!!!!!
The baby did great and we all had a fabulous day! Unfortunately, none of the fish we got are good to eat so we had hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill....OUR FAORITE MEAL!
I was absolutely exhausted having not slept good the night before and then up early and fishing and then having to come home and care for the baby....EXHAUSTED! I was not much company and walked out of the bedroom to find Jayne at the kitchen table and didn't even realize she was there. I could barely carry on a conversation and felt like such a heel when she said Hi Jessica! Sorry Jayne! I was so exhausted from just gettiong the baby cleaned up from his bath. She looked great and had helped babysit earlier that day{Thanks again Jayne!} She had on her birthday bracelet from my mother and it looked fabulous on her. The colors compliment her skin so nicely! Great job looks fabulous.
Jayne also brought over a rocking chair that was Michael's and hers for the baby. He LOVED LOVED his rocking chair....he knew how to rock in it...but preferred to stand upright in it with no hands....UGH! Oh well, he will grow into it! It was a lovely treasure and you know I did not get a photo of it. Maybe she did..hmmmm.
It was a delightful weekend as always and full of laughs. I was in bed every night at 830 pm. The lack of sleep is catching up. Either that or i am old.

Saturday evening, we went for a walk with the stroller. The weather is getting so nice! We walked awhile til the mosquittos started to come out!
There is lots of wildlife around Mom and dad's house! You will see a banana spider, a wood pecker and an egret(I think it is called egret).

Once we got home, I weeded and trimmed and pruned the courtyard with the help of Jacob and Michael. It looks so nice and is ready for fall! I have so much to do!
Get ready FINALLY for the garage sale I have been talking about because Mother and dad sold their house back in PA and we are getting some furniture from there and lots of heirloom dishes and other things that are so important to our family! I will be clearing out old furniture and things I have had for years to make way for the new!

This evening we are having dinner at my parents house with the whole deible family minus Amy and hers(bummer...we miss you Amy!)! I can not wait to see baby jack! Here he is a few weeks ago all geared up for game day! I will post new pics tomorrow of Jay and his cousin Jack!

Here was a blurb from Friday afternoon of baby Jay. He stops in his tracks when she comes on the TV. I like to think he thinks she looks like me. She is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed every minute of the weekend with each of you. The fishing pics look great! Jacob,Jayda,Jay and I had a fun day, too! We'll keep your glasses case and license here, unless you need them before we see you next. Good Luck to Deb and Harv....We,ll be thinking about you the next several days. (as you can see, I'm no good with paragraphs) Love Mom C. p.s. You're better than Sarah!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is able to hold a child's attention under the age of one for that long, I think they deserve to be the next vice president. Your day on the boat looked awesome!:) I am also wishing we were there with everyone. Ironic Deible family there with you, and your mom and dad coming back to PA. Love your, get back to scrapbooking. I'm sure this weekend is begging for a fish album. And if I recall correctly you have new fish stamps. "Something's Fishy"
Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Seems that Deible's everywhere love to fish! And there is nothing like having the whole Deible family together for dinner. Lori Deible Chaffin in Cincinnati.

angie worthington said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!...that fish is awesome!!!....

glad that you had a wonderful weekend!!!!...

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