Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yard Sale...finally!

The day had finally arrived when I had to be forced to have a sale...hahaha! I wanted to just take it all to the Hospice Sale center as a donation but Mike thought we should try and sell some stuff first. I made signs last night and Michael took them early this morning while I lugged out the little stuff. He had carried out the heavy furniture before he left....thank goodness!

It was a gorgeous morning, cool and sunny with a nice breeze. It doesn't get any better in Florida than it was this morning! Michael and Jay and I could finally relax for a minute before the crowds came...ummm....

...where are the crowds???

I spent the afternoon here...reading my book. Until a dear old neighbor came over and discussed life's challenges and the impending election. It was such a fabulous day! The sun was super hot outside! But it was just right in the shade! Hi Mom in Ocala!! I was talking to you on the phone at this moment!

Well...many hours later and $25.50 later we closed up shop and dragged stuff to the curb! Couch is still here, and bike. The guy who took the table and chairs and desk....didn't even bother to thank us as Michael helped him load it up...I suppose that's why he has to curb shop...Karma gets you every time!!

We lugged it all off to the Hospice Thrift Shop and they were thrilled with the stuff! So it turned out to be a great day!

Below, you will see the sequence of photos of a baby who gets out the front door and what he does. He never once looked back! I happened to have the camera in hand photographing something and just put the camera on him and watched what he did!

Lost his balance and fell...

Got back up and was headed straight for the road....UGH!!!

Yes, you can imagine I have my work cut out for me! hahaha

I spoke to my mother...she has the house all about cleaned out. Working on some photos. She was exhausted the last time I talked to her. Her back was hurting. They are planning on being on the road and back on their way to Florida on Tuesday. The sweet people who are moving into the house are about my parents age. She brought down some bulbs she is going to plant so they will come up in the spring. How quaint! I would love to see what that looks like in Spring! I am happy nice people who care about the house are moving in! My mother paid 16, 000 dollars for that in the early 70s. It is where I grew up and what I call home. However...Florida is definitely my home now and a place I have always loved. Just not the bugs, snakes, gators, and sharks...eeeks!

Well, I have swept, dusted and scrubbed the house preparing for the new furniture I am getting. I like it empty in here...although there is a terrible echo with all the wood flooring and no furniture!

Well, that's about it for now!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you for every single picture and all the news. Your sale looked very inviting, sorry you didn't have more business! Hope dinner was fun. Love Mom C.

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