Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay!!!

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Jay Harvey turns 1 year old today!!!
He can:
run-ending in a splat
tries to snap fingers
sign "more" and "done"
play peek a boo
throws a ball
He says:
yay da(Jayda)
yay da(Jacob) haha
bye bye
thank you
He eats:
a whole banana himself
lots of fruit
loves beets
still eating #2 foods
gags down soy milk occasionally :o(
Can't eat:
Wants to eat:
EVERYTHING and lots of it!
*Wears size 24 month
*Loves his blankie
*Loves to play with balls and pushy toys

We had a fabulous meal of shoulder roast, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Yummy! We tried to move quickly before babu got tired!
Michael got home at 5:40 pm...minutes before Jay actually turned 1 year!

All excited about the new present!

His very first cake...trying to be a dalmation! So cute!

We were singing and telling him to make a wish...
We counted to three and blew it out together.

It was so much fun watching him play! He did not like the taste of it, and would make a sour face and spit the icing and cake out. He scrunched it between his fingers and mushed it all up! He liked playing in it alot! Michael bathed him and it wasn't too bad. He was covered up to his elbows and it was around his face. Fun! Cute! Happy day! We were just watching video of the day he was born! Soooo tiny, but truly a big healthy boy! 7lb11oz, 22 " and very healthy! We are blessed!!!!
This was just a gearing up for his big family birthday in two weeks when the Grandparents can be here and Aunt Jayne!!!

Two more cards arrived this week!
This one is from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kim

This one came from cousins Ava and Ella!

Here are his next shoes he can grow into from Stride Rite...only I got them on sale and couldn't pass them up. So, I got them in a size 7. He likes his shoes and he giggles every time he sees them.
Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad C. on October 26th!!! Wow, what a great milestone. So many things to be grateful for!! We drove up to Ocala to treat Mom and Dad C. for dinner. We stopped at the house first to let baby work his legs some and burn a little energy before we went to dinner! He got a new toy dog and loved it! He also got to see Emmy who he seems to like. They respect each other's territory and that is good!
Sorry we are the first picture...blogger has begun a new way to upload pictures and I just can't get it...these were supposed to be in the opposite order...but I am sure you get it! :o)

Here's my mother and I!

Here is Jay having a ball!

I will need to be adding some pictures of the finished product of the heirlooms and furniture we now have in the house. Everyday gets a little more crazy around here!
I love my fostoria I inherited from my grandmother and mother! I have already added a new piece to my Fostoria collection today! I found a bowl for 2.00 at the flea market today! I fell in love with a Fostoria vase but she wanted 40.00 for it.

Read the sign on Jacob's shirt. He is the coolest kid!

Uncle Bill and Aunt Susan sent Jay a wonderful birthday present!!! Here are the cards!

Jayda had to help him open it because it was taped pretty good! It is the coolest golf set and a collared Polo shirt in baby blue( to match his eyes!)!!!! He is all ready for the course! He said "Thank you"! I just didn't video because Jayda mostly opened it!

Daddy was using his reading glasses and Jay wanted to read too!

That is a quick catch up!
Thank you for being patient!!! I have had computer difficulties and I am back on a desk top instead of a laptop and I am not fond of trying to maneuver on a new PC. BUT I am not complaining!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jessica, This is the champion of all blogs!!! I've been looking at the pics and videos over and over... Jay with his adorable cake and new "pull toy", so sweet! Grampy Jay had to walk away during the cake eating video, it was so gooey! Loved it all......Love, Mom C.

AT6 said...


Jayne said...

I can't believe my youngest nephew is one year old! He is definetely way far above the typical mental and physical abilities of one year old. I can see his teachers requesting that he skip a couple of grades in school.
Jay needed his Aunt Jayne during the last and also my favorite video of him today... "just give me the @*$# cookie mama!" Only joking. LOL.
Love, Jayne

rairie said...

WOW worth the wait. So darn cute. Look forward to his "real" party. I love the picture of you all in the mirror. Could not wait to see this last night...went to bed but saw it this am. Hugs to all! Mommom

Anonymous said...

Looked like little Jay had a great birthday. He's so cute. We can't wait to meet him.

Love, Uncle Bill & Aunt Susan

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