Thursday, October 2, 2008

X rated!

Just how precious is this little sleeping guy Sunday night. He is extending out his sleeps a little better at night and goes down about 9 and sleeps well until 3. That's good for us... He never sleeps with out a blankie...he has several...

Monday evening Jayda had her first ever Girl Scout meeting. They gave her a headband in order to keep her from catching her hair on fire as she learned how to light a propane grill. I know a big first time ever lesson! She LOVED it! They are planning a camping trip for the end of October! How much fun does that sound? Me...bugs, snakes, bears, ticks....thanks but no thanks!
Tuesday evening, I undressed the baby and he ran down the hall as fast as he could because he heard the tub running!

Jay loves to ride on daddy's shoulders. However, he usually reaches doen and scratches the heck out of his eyes, nose and ears! In this particular picture, he was bending down and trying to look his dad in the eyes. Tonight, jay was on his shoulders again...except this time he scratched his dad's face real bad and Michael put him down and in a stern voice he told him no!!! Jay burst into tears and came running for me! I told him no too and that he can not scratch his dad. Anytime Mike would look at him again he would start crying again! Why can dad's do that????? Hmmm, they have so much power!

Jay tells us all how all done he is!

I found these things at the flea market this past week! Jumbo how fun will they be? An OLD scrabble game for the letter cool. A huge bag of sequins! A dollar a piece! FUN!
I dumped out all of Jay's toys to sort through them and organize them in three tubs to trade out so he plays with them. he was in hog heaven!
I cut my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was meant to trim it. Somehow I made a mistake and had to cut more...but I love it. Yes, I said I cut my hair and I must say it turned out FABULOUS! It is short short...but I have been wanting a short cut. I sent an email and wrote, I hope you still love me! attached with a picture of me. He wrote back, you are beautiful honey! He never notice the 6 inches I cut off..............We laughed about it afterwards!
Jay and I were on our way to go and have lunch with a dear friend of mine named JoLynn. She and I go way back to 1993! jay was an absolute doll and somehow managed to woo three other tables of admirers. He was quiet and good but looking around at people!

Tonight, Michael brought jay to me this way. He is hinting about Jay's first haircut and I am boycotting til his first least!!!
We are gearing up for the VP debate at nine tonight! We are making popcorn!
Tomorrow is the only day of the week I have nothing planned. I thought about having a garage sale, but I think I am going to wait until next week. Mike does not want to do it this weekend.
I believe I am going to go to my parents for coffee. Mother makes great coffee!


rairie said...

Yes I will have coffee ready when Jacob leaves for school. I love the baby's hairdo...Would you believe that everyone are the pool said they are going to make popcorn and watch the debate tonight. Hmmm???

Heather Prins said...

aaawww cute photos!!!

Chrispea said...

Your hair looks cute. Love the tubby time shots! Too cute.

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