Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Meanderings

Jay has pink eye...poor little guy! It was blatantly obvious Friday morning and he has reacted well to the treatment. It is his very first ailment ever! See the pink in his right eye???

He was closing the lense cap on me as I was trying to take his pictures...I suppose that is the only reason that you can see his eyes so well!

I made an apple pie all by myself yesterday! Can you believe it??? Yeah, me neither...but I did it! I used the Pampered Chef peeler, slicer, corer and it went lickity split! I added 1/2 cup suger, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 table spoons butter 7 apples, and VOILA! My mother said WOW when she tasted it, but she may just say that to be nice! I think it is delish and I got ice cream(vanilla) to go with it today!

Go ahead and ooooh and aaaah....I will wait on you to finish! Anytime you want a pie....just let me know, I am your go to girl! You see, it is my first for that pumpkin pie I made about 10 years ago that turned out horrible...
I have my confidence up and will be making a banana cream pie next as my sweet husband asked me if I could.

Jay hates his play yard! I mean DOES NOT like to be contained...well~ he beat this system!

Jay and I went exploring yesterday! He loves to put on his shoes and go bye bye. It was a gorgeous, but very windy day and the leaves were racing across the lawns and road. This caught Jay's attention and he was off!

Jay caught his daddy's eye when he wa sout by his truck. When he sees you and wants your attention he will hunker like this!

(I know I know...bad mom, letting him play on the road! Well, we actually do not have sidewalks in my neighborhood and so we are limited. Plus it was sunday afternoon and they are very slow days around here.)
We found leaves...


Rain tree pods....

And a bottle brush tree!

It has been a fun and exciting past couple of days! Wednesday the children are getting their photos taken together for the Christmas card! Fun!


rairie said...

Pie tasted as good as it looked. The kids are so good with Jay it is neat to see them interact with him. Thanks for a nice day.

Jayne said...

The "cage" video was a riot! To actually see him push it thru the doorway was even more amazing. When he does his sign language, it's like OMG ! The big kids looked to be having fun trying to encourage their little brother.
See ya soon. Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I sure know what you can do with pie making talent, especially this week!!!!!!! The blog was seeing the children together. Jay's haircut is so cute and his eye looks almost healed. I'll be talking to you. Love, Mom

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