Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Last night we went to see, Journey Through Christmas. A live walkthrough of the Child's birth through His life. It was a great idea. We had dinner, cleaned up and then headed over to the church about 6:45. It started at 6:30 and ran through 8:30. We arrived and received a number. It was number 36. We would be in group 36. Upon arrival, they were on group 11. At exactly 10:00 pm...we walked out finished with the walk through. The walk through lasted about 20 minutes total. I am sure you are better at math than I am. We waited A LONG TIME!!! In the meantime, they had puppet shows, singers, and musicians in the sanctuary to entertain the crowds. In no way do I think this Orange City Church planned on over 1200 people on the first night!!!!!!!
Yes, we are all exhausted! However, the baby was an pun intended!
In the last few days, I have decorated our Christmas tree this year. Unfortunately, Jay is a little too curious and wa sin no way going to settle for just looking at a single decoration. Rather, he would prefer to completely destroy and decorate in his own manner! So I was relegated to a table top tree this year. Could not even get a tree dress...he would pull it off the table.
Mom, when you see this tree you will realize I needed to visit Griffin's to add to the tree! It is so their style!

The flocking falls off the tree daily...but I still love it. And, I am not so sure a little elf I know is not shaking it when I am not looking which causes it to fall!
I passed up going shopping today with my mother. Jay and I are going to go to story time at 10:30 am.


Anonymous said...

your "journey through Christmas" must have been wonderful and meaningful to you all. I'm sure it was worth the wait. Glad they had entertainment while waiting. The christmas tree is adorable and soooo inviting to Jay!! You had me smiling reading about it! Love, Mom

rairie said...

Okay so the tree is sooo darn big you could not take a picture of the whole thing? Or is there only that much that has decorations??? I want to see the whole thing.

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