Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My mom and dad are moving!

Can you believe it? They had a house here in FL and a house in PA. They sold my childhood home in PA and now they are selling their house and moving about 4 miles further from us! Not bad at all!!! You see where they lived was a 55+ community{although my mother is only 27} and they did not own their land below their house. This was not gonna work for my dad! They are moving HERE and it is a gorgeous community! Make sure and click on over and see the website!
I had the pleasure of taking the second walk through of the community with mom and dad. Quite frankly I would LOVE to live here! I am envious of their amazing amenities and FUN activities! I wish I was old!
However, if it was crazy enough for my mother...I am up at 3:30 am tomorrow to drive her to the airport. She is judging at a dog show in Cincinnati, I think! Her flight leaves at 6:30 am and returns sometime the next evening.
Yeah, I know...can you believe I agreed to drive her to the airport that early? Crazy....
Yesterday we went to story time at the library! Jay loves story time and all the kids. He wants to interact with them so badly, although he has no idea how. He bulldozes into their circles and ends up tripping and falling on some little unexpecting critter and it ends up his attempts are all foiled by his lack of balance! Everyone loves him there though! He has become quite the liked little boy among little people! Mrs. Claus came by with cookies! Animal cookies...Jay ate about 8 of them...he kept walking over for more!

Then we stopped by the tree for a photo! Easier said then done...

As I was taking the pictures, he reached out and touched a few of the balls and it started a chain reaction of rolling balls across the floor! YIKES! You would have laughed so hard watching me chase the rolling balls around!


rairie said...

Hey I am not sure I am buying a house and I love where I live remember. I am judging in Cleveland. I appreciate the dinner you brought for Dad and especially that you are taking me to the airport...I will make it up to you honest.

Anonymous said...

How so,so precious at the library. Jay is just so sweet, I can't believe it. He loves the cookies and the tree cute. Love, Mom

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