Sunday, December 21, 2008

My decorated cookie...

Oh what fun we had! Michael put Jay in his high chair to watch Jacob and Jayda decorate their gingerbread men. Jay was happy of about a minute or two and you could tell he wanted in on the action!

Life Size Gingerbread Boy!!!!


PS: They taste really good! Even Jay likes them!


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here bouncing up and down with laughter!!!!!!!!! How funny and adorable to watch Jay!!! Jayda and Jacob, you both did a terrific job with your "ginger people" much creativity and talent! Thanks for the blog, you "made my day", Jessica. Love, Mom

rairie said...

LOL I love the yellow sprinkles. I also love gingerbread, hint hint hint.

Rachel said...

Boy, you've been busy!! These look delicious! We've been baking up a storm too. Don't ya love it ?

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