Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking a closer look.....

It is such a wonderful time in Jay's life. Or is it mine???? I think it is mine. He is such a sweet child...despite how precocious he is! I will say to him, "Come and give mommy love and kisses!" He comes running from as far away as the other room, throwing himself into my arms and putting his forehead on mine{his way of kissing} and cuddles into my arms. Ah, it is motherhood perfection!
That precious moment that seals my heart strings tight around baby Jay' that when Jay is a teenager and I want to absolutely kill him~I will spare his life as these moments have been seared into my brain! hahaha

My father and I are going to pick up my mother from the airport this evening. She is in Cleveland in the snow and cold...andxious to return to Florida sun as I write! She was judging English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs at a dog show in Cleveland. Everything went well!

I need to run and get Jacob!


Anonymous said...

What a beautifully written blog!Sweet pictures, too. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wondering if he is the culprit that keeps bending Jaydas poor glasses and you always thought it was kisses cousin Kell

rairie said...

It was a fun time in Cleveland but I was so ready to be back in Fl with my Family...thank you for the rides and being the best there is in daughters.

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