Monday, December 15, 2008

My Dad's early birthday gift from my mother!

This was taken from mother's cell phone. The grass was just put in a week or so ago and the painting was finished on the outside in the last 4 days or so.
It's more reason for you all to come visit!
They have a walk through on the 18th and close the 26th of this month! Can anyone say holy smokes that is fast? But...they got a deal and a half and it is stunning!

Jay has his first cold. Started yesterday. A cough. Kind of whiny. I have a real sore throat!!! Ugh! Bummer! No fevers yet but man sakes alive!
Unfortunately, there was a child at story time last week who was coughing all over the place the nastiest cough I have ever heard...his mom kept trying to cover his mouth. Just so happens he sat down by Jay and I. Coughed all over us. Gross! Now why don't people keep their sick children home!?!? Oh the best part, everyone kept giving her looks and she had the nerve to tell us all..."He has allergies".
Yeah, and I won the lottery this past weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo sorry. I "ache" for you both. You'll have just enough time to get well before the Keys. Please, don't anyone else get the germ! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

p.s. The house is truly beautiful! Peggy

rairie said...

Oh poor baby. And you too. At least he is old enough to wipe his mouth and nose all over your leg.
Thanks for keeping everyone posted!

Anonymous said...

I just read a blog from my girlfriend's daughter earlier in the day. I'm also sick so I couldn't sleep and was up working and decided to check out what's going on your way. We're getting ready to head to Colorado for Christmas. Since it's so cold here, the Keys sound better, but Alex wanted family for Christmas.
Nice blogging! Stay warm, wish we were.

Anonymous said...

I didn't sign my name. Can you guess? Susan

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