Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade

How much fun did my mother, Jay and I have??? We went to the DeLand parade. It is held at night and the floats are lighted...soooo much fun!
After parking our car, we walked a block or so to town. Yes, we got the last spot in the to the dumpster.{My car smelled a little funny once we got in afterwards...} The parade was to start at 5:30 pm...we arrived a little before 5 to a packed house! We got second row at least and it was perfect. Well, my seat was. My mother got stuck sitting beside two of the bratiest children beyond belief. But, they are a clear cut product of their parents poor parenting. Next to them were the two ladies who shouted to everyone in the parade. Still not sure what that was about...
You see here I am talking all bad about the parade already and it hadn't even started! Well, at least I didn't tell you about the young girl who walked out of a skateboard shop and vomitted all over her friends. Ooops, there I just did! hahahaha
The parade was great! Don't get me wrong!
Here we were waiting for the parade to start....

All he cared about before the parade was the dog behind us.

It was time to start!

This was one of the floats.

Jay LOVED the parade and would bounce to the music in his stroller and clapped with the music and clapped when they went on by! He was in it from the beginning to the ...almost end. hahahah

Mother and I busted out early! Can you believe it? They were about half way through and we said...let's get out of here and go have dinner! We went to Bumbino's Italian restaurant and I had eggplant that was to die for!!! The owner came out to ask us how it was and I had to politely tell him it was FABULOUS!!!!!! I told him it was as if I was in New York City! You know the best food that can be found is in NYC! This was so awesome. Michael says we will have to go try it out! I would like that. A date with my that is a nice thought!
Don't get me mother is always a great date!

Here is what Jacob and I worked on all afternoon for science before they headed out in a limo for a birthday party at Wonder Works in Orlando...yes I said LIMO! Kids these days.....


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the parade. Of course the crowd surrounding you added so much to your experience!! Jacob's project looked really neat...good job, Jacob. As usual, lots of fun reading your blog. Love, Mom

rairie said...

You never tell the best parts...when you were within an inch of falling on top of the people in front of us while picking up the book that fell out of Jay's hands. Lol! It was almost worth sitting near the children and parents from Hades!

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