Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's just so early....

Everything wa son track last evening.
Dinner prepared, eaten, cleaned up.
Took leftovers over to my dad for his dinner this evening.
Baby had his bath and ran around here and played a bit.
We went "night night".
I tucked in Jayda and Jacob asked for the 149th time if he could get up at 3:30 am to go to the airport too. I said no, he huffed off. I told him goodnight and I loved him dispite his evident distaste for me at the moment.
Crawl into bed.
Read for an hour.
{This is when it goes a little sour.}
I begin to get indigestion.
It creeps up on ya nice and slow and then erupts rather like a volcano to full blown discomfort.
I try and ignore it, then begin to take some rolaids.
It's almost 10 pm.
It is past ignoring and guess who wakes up and is rolling around fussing? Jay.
So he is up, I am up, and my stomach is forcing me to hiccup it was so acidic.
10:30 baby is back asleep.
I am still awake.
The indigestion hit a peak...let's just say I took 9 rolaids over a 2 hour period and drank three bottles of water!
Michael has on a show in the room I can't take my eyes off!
It's after 11 and I finally fall asleep!
Peaceful, sleeping soundly.
3:01 am Jay wakes and so do I.
Perfect! I needed to nurse him before I leave at 3:55 am to pick up my mother to take her to the airport!
3:25 up and dressed.
3:30 my wake up call from mother.
3:40 breakfast and blogging.
3:50 am I hear a really weird noise outside and it freaks me out because in 5 minutes I need to go get in my car!
3:52 am I am thinking I better cut it off here and get ready!

I'll be back around 6 am and my day will begin!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about your indigestion. You didn't mention it on the phone. What a night you had!! Glad you and Deb made it to the airport. I was thinking about you guys...but not at 4am!!!Love, Mom

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