Saturday, December 20, 2008

" love cookies!"

Okay...I am sure you know who I am talking about!

Jayda and I were off to the grocery store and came home with scads of baking supplies!

We started working about 10 am in the kitchen and quit at 4:00 pm!

The first batch we worked on was called Loaded Oatmeal and then I made a home made icing to go over the top...delish! So soft!
Then of course were the traditional sweets! Hershey Kisses, Reeses, and mini snickers candy went inside these peanut butter goodies! This is the kiss version! I also made some regular peanut butter!
These are a new batch I whipped up this year. They are called Chewy Chocolate Buttery Cookies. So soft and rich!
Then there are these two big numbers! We are decorating them this evening once Jacob gets home from helping Michael! Oh to be a kid again! Love this gingerbread soft and tasty! You can not see them but we have 5 different candies, sprinkles of every color, m and m's raisins, chocolate chips and many different icings.

Watch for follow up completed gingerbread men! They just were not fast enough to get away!

I still have cookies to bake! Chocolate Chip, Monster Cookies, Pecan and Brown Sugar rolls, White Chocolate Coconut Cookies.

Mom I cant find that lime and coconut cookie recipie you sent me a while back!!! @#!*%$!!!@

Speaking of limes and coconuts....I am no longer nursing. Last night he was cut off. Actually, he is so congested with his cold and snotty that he can not even think about breathing out of his nose. Thus, nursing would be futile! Weaning him now, while the weaning is good! Woohoo!!!

Someone pour me a very weak coconut rum and lime sense in getting all crazy and dancing on the dining room table tonight! At least not while the children are awake! Yeah, I know you are Michael would stand for such silliness!!!! Ok, how about I save the table dancing for the Keys!?!

You know I have never danced on a table! Not even in college!


Anonymous said...

There's always a "1st time"...How about the Key's?????? We need some excitement! Jessica, you are truly amazing....those cookies!!! Wow, you leave nothing for me to bring on Christmas Day. Ummmm, I'll think of something! Your cookie baking sounds fantastic. Your creating great memories for your children. Love, Mom

rairie said...

Your cookies tested out as super...less than a week now to the Keys.

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