Friday, February 8, 2008


Also known as, Fajitas.

Today was living proof of kids saying the cutest things.

Jayda asked, "Are we having fageetahs for dinner?" [Thank goodness Jacob was nearby to correct her(tongue in cheek).] She was reading the McCormick's package and just not thinking about it. No comment on that topic! I just loved hearing her say it.

It made me smile and I made a mental note to revisit it in my blog. It definitely deserved to be the highlight for the day!

I took a trip down memory lane today. I have been putting off going through pictures and organizing the ones as far back as 1993. I can't tell you how many precious memories were caught in photos of Jacob and Jayda...1999 was a special year with them! It seems the time flew by so quickly and I took each day with them for granted. Wait, probably having two babies 15 months apart is what actually kept me so busy....

When Jayda, now on the cusp of becoming a young lady, still says something cute and endearing...I can't help but go back in time and remember a baby sooo happy and full of glee that her hands and feet could never stop moving. Nothing cuter than a 6 month old chubby baby plopped on her bottom, just watching the world go by and trying to keep up with her hands and feet. Somehow, no matter how many hats I put on Jayda, Jacob could not wait to remove them and place them on his head.

With my two now moving away from being best friends and smoothly transitioning into "bicker" and "badger", I am sure I need to have the precious memories or I just might be living proof of why some species eat their own young!

Today was a day of remembering through photos...some good things....some bad. I kept the good memories and threw away the bad in the trash can. Neat how we can do that, huh!?!

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