Saturday, February 16, 2008

Girl's and Boy's Day Out!

Michael and Jacob left first thing this morning to go out and fish together. Jacob had a banner day out on the water. Michael gave Jacob free reign to cast and catch while he photographed and helped him throughout the morning!

When they got home, they cleaned the boat and Jacob mowed the lawn! Way to go Jacob!

Jayda and I decided we were going to have a girls day out! We spent the day together taking turns deciding what we would do next! We started out this morning by laying in bed watching cartoons while baby Jay nursed.

In the meantime, we need to get a "bro" for our little, uh big, guy!

We straightened our hair at home, then headed out and shopped for scrapbooking supplies, had lunch at Smokey Bones, and went to a quaint store called Kringle's Chalet. Jayda found a great webkinz there she called Stormie. She used the money from Grammy and Grampy for Valentine's Day!

Baby Jay was worn out after a long day of fun!

We had a great day together. The boys and girls had a great time together. It is days like this you enjoy in your mind's eye forever!

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