Monday, February 4, 2008

What's a drivelswigger??

a. drunken sailor

b. one who reads about nautical terms too much

c. hole on a boat that drains water out

d. none of the above

If you said B you are correct!

I love to fish with my husband, saltwater inshore and offshore. I love to learn new things. When we got our boat I could not get enough knowledge about water, boats, and fishing. Thus, I have picked up the pirate slang word for myself.

Now, it seems, I am onto my next obsession, my little baby boy Jay Harvey and scrapbooking our lives. Throw into the mix my 11 yos Jacob (football, baseball), my 9 yod Jayda (soccer, guitar), a husband Michael and you can imagine I have my hands full!

I love my life and everyone in it! I can certainly coin the adage..."Life is good!" My name is Jessica. Welcome to my blog. Like anything takes time to learn. I will post pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

How Neat!

Stephanie said...

what a wonderful writer you are! I loved reading about your morning, and it took me back to watching my own boy's as babies! TFS and great start on your blogging.

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