Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever gone through a toll booth and paid for the person behind you?
Have you ever made a meal for someone who just had a baby or got out of the hospital?
Have you ever offered someone money ahead of you in line who was short at checkout?
Have you ever way over tipped to make someone's day and left before they realized it?
Have you ever helped someone with yard chores?
Have you ever picked up a small gift for someone because you knew they would love it?
Have you ever left someone jump you in line at the grocery store?

They all are quite simple and selfless acts, but have the potential to truly make someone feel very good. Imagine if everyone tried to do at least one nice thing for someone else every week. That would be 52 R.A.K. a year. This is above and beyond the "normal" things we do each day. Imagine taking that random act that someone offers you and then passing that kindness on to someone else. It would make the world a heck of a lot nicer place to be!

This past month, February 11-17 was Random Acts of Kindness Week. I didn't know that until today. Did you remember to do something kind for someone else? Did you even know about this "holiday"? How come it wasn't on the news? Hallmark hasn't capitalized on it yet?

I am going to put out a challenge. Please perform a random act of kindness for someone who just might need it. Or they might not "need" it but enjoy it none-the-less! Once a week do something that is selfless or thoughtful. You have 168 hours to do one nice thing for someone else every week.

With all that being said, if you reflect for a few minutes about what's going on in your world, you may be surprised how many people are doing nice things for you. As well, how many nice things you have done for someone else.

My mother in law knows how much I LOOOVVEE scrapbooking. She was out at JoAnn's crafts and picked me up three prepacks of scrapping supplies. I was so excited to get that and the fact she was thinking of me was best of all! I can't wait to begin to use the materials. Jacob and Jayda are excited to scrap with the new supplies as well!

Then there was the time when my dad knew we had a leak in our pipe behind the washer. He and Mike were planning on fixing it over the weekend but my dad could not rest until he had checked it out. I got home from picking up the children on Friday afternoon and there was a home depot bag on the washer. He had picked up supplies he knew that they would need and had left them at the house while we were gone.

Another time, I was at the post office and I accidentally knocked a stack of fliers off the counter and into a filthy garbage can. The young man behind me looked hard core scary. However, as I was looking in the can he came over and said don't touch that while you have the baby with you. It is so dirty. He reached in carefully and pulled them out. I handed him a disinfecting wipe for his hands. I was able to RAK him right back. The best part of all, here were about 7 people behind us in line. They all watched this. Hopefully, they went on that day and did something nice for someone else.

My father in law can never let us leave empty handed. He always packs goodies or doggie bags for us before we leave. I love how he pays attention to the things I like or our family likes. It speaks volumes of how much he cares about us.

My mom was in Vegas and shopping. She came across a cute purse attachment she knew I would love and she picked it up for me and one for herself. She also is so thoughtful about making meals for us often. I love not having to cook!

Our neighbor gave us a bag of grapefruits from his tree.

I could go on and on.

But now I must close and begin to think about how I can make someone else's day.

So, as you finish reading this you now have 167 hours to do something nice for someone else. Hopefully more than just one RAK.....and at least one RAK for me too. hehehehe

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