Saturday, February 9, 2008

An itch you can't scratch!

Poor, poor baby Jay!
I am so cautious about what I eat because Jay has an allergy to dairy protein(milk, ice cream, cheese, etc.).
After having dinner at my parents house with my uncle and aunt, we returned home and began the nightly routine. Some reason...the baby was being fussy and having a hard time going to sleep.

After closer inspection, the baby broke out in hivey/eczema type splotches on his head, cheeks, and back. Remembering that my mother loaded my chicken salad with cheese, I felt horrid! I am usually so strict with myself for his sake. However, in all the excitement I forgot.

This left poor baby Jay sooo irritated. Not having great command of his hands, he was not able to scratch himself. He was flailing his head from side to side, and he had scratched at his eyes and made some marks. I began to gently scratch his head and he responded like a dog when you scratch it under the armpits. He was in HEAVEN!

We put him in the shower, scrubbed his head with his brush, used Dove soap on his skin to help with the itch, and followed it up with a dose of Hydrocortisone on his back, head, and cheeks. After a nighttime snack, he was off to dreamy land and settled right back down for some sleep!

I know...your thinking, "this is all the better you can come up with?"

I could have written about my business trip with Michael(boring), or Bubbalou's lunch(eehhh), procrastinating about making cookies(boooo), making my very own valentine's(big deal), skipping my son's scrimmage(shame on me), or about Michael getting all ready for his fishing day tomorrow(so what). Rather, I chose a moment that was simple to remind me never to eat anything that I know will affect baby Jay.

Hmmm, after he stops nursing I am going out for Sushi big time, followed by Ice Cream at Rodeo Whip, then coming home and pouring myself a refreshing glass of coconut rum(double shot!) and pineapple juice with a lime. Who's with me???


rairie said...

Oh, sure what are kids for if it is not to make you feel guilty. It worked. So I cannot think which is safer. Getting an okay on the menu before I invite you or not inviting you because I could forget again what I should not serve.

Cannot imagine not having you for dinner, so I guess you are on your own to moniter what I serve and make certain if I mess up and have what you or Jay cannot tolerate you will not injest it. Also it would not hurt if you made cookies for your mother often!

Oh did I mention that I feel terrible for Jay. I sure will try to remember.

rairie said...

Oh, sure what are kids for if not to make you feel guilty! It worked, I do!

Now what is the solution. I could never have you for dinner again. No, that does not work. How about you are responsible for monitering what I serve and make certain it will not affect either you or Jay or anyone else for that matter. Besides where did you all get all these damn allegeries. I have none!

Yes, I feel terrible and hope that it never happens again.

Mommy Dearest!

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