Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tree huggers Unite

This morning I placed baby Jay on his blanket on the floor to lay while I got ready to go to Ocala. I happened to walk by him and noticed he was trying to sit up on his own. He lays there and pulls himself up like he is doing crunches or situps. He has done this about 9 times so far today. It is his first day doing this, I imagine by the end of the week he will have six pack abs.

Now to me, I find this odd that he is doing this so soon. He hasn't rolled over or even much further than his side. He seems awful determined to accomplish this so I give him all the moral support I can muster!

On a lighter note, we had a lovely day in Ocala. The weather was a bit gnarly as we had storms come through last evening and it brought heavy winds and cold air today. The grandparents, AKA Grammy and Grampy and Great Grandpa, were thrilled to see the baby. Jay was as happy as ever and let everyone around him know it. He giggled, he laughed, he cooed, he squealed, yes... he even threw up!

I traveled alone today and rather enjoyed the ride and peacefulness of the forest.
Along the way I saw dozens of "interesting folks" sitting out by the road, off to the side of the road in vans, and hitchhiking. All abnormal occurrances from my past knowledge.

It seems I am not the only one who enjoys the peacfulness along the Ocala Forest. There is a band of folks called "Rainbow People". Supposedly they are to be peace loving folks. After some research...I am not so sure.
Click here.

Peace does not necessarily come peacefully or legally.

See it for yourself!

I suppose if you signed a sub-prime mortgage loan this might not be such a bad option.

In the meantime, it's nearly midnight...oh, but mere minutes from the most romantic day of the year. Valentine's Day. I got my prizes early....but this is a topic for tomorow evening!

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