Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's hard to get a date!!!!

So this morning, I set myself up with Michael's computer(where all the pictures are saved). I must match photo to photo in his computer in order to find out what the date was when the picture was taken.

I can't believe a camera this expensive would not have a mode where you can set it to mark the date on the pictures itself. Heck, for the cost of the should be doing laundry and fixing dinner each day!

I have put on my list of things to do: Call the Sony company. Envisioning myself on the phone with someone in India, trying to be walked through step by step directions to make this happen.

Over 400 photos had to be researched and dated! Let's not discuss time spent on this! In this day and age something this prehistoric should not be occurring!

However, on a brighter much fun was it to see how baby Jay has grown!?!


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