Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Did you ever have a moment when you stopped to think about your family?

I know, some may roll their eyes when they think of their family. Their overbearing mothers, their argumentative inlaws, their downright odd cousins, and dreadfilled family functions are cause for serious shuddering!

I on the other hand am one of the lucky ones!

I had the luxury of accompanying my husband to drop off my children at school. Then, we went to check on one of his jobsites before heading to Ocala today to visit with Michael's parents and grandpa. The ride was nice and we went a different way which was a welcomed breath of fresh air. We bypassed the shopping district(bummer) in order to go by way of horse ranches. What a beautiful sight! There were all sorts of types of horses. My favorite was the mother horse nursing her baby in the field! I could appreciate that!

We had a lovely visit with my inlaws. Baby Jay was in top form smiling, cooing, talking, and sitting upright from a laying position. We checked out Michael's baby book and found out at 6 and 1/2 months old he weighed 18 pounds. Jay weighs 18 pounds and he is 3 and 1/2 months. I think I have a strapping young boy on my hands! Grandpa was so adorable with his Great Grandson. It was so sweet to watch how he looks at and talks to the baby! Grandpa will be heading back up North for the summer and won't be back until next year. I still may make one more trip to Ocala before the first of March for Grandpa's sake! Plus, Jayne has next Wednesday off and it will be good to see her again. I missed her this trip! It was a grand day!

On the way home from Ocala, we got a call from my parents inviting us to Aunt Candy's and Uncle Gordy's new house here in Florida for dinner! We had stromboli and it was delicious! Best I have ever tasted! Their home is so cozy and comfortable. It's one of those homes where you could sit and relax all afternoon and into the evening. Not wanting to wear out our welcome, we came home to get baby ready for bed! Truth be told, so he wouldn't be off his schedule or he will be up til midnight!

My parents had dinner along with us. That's our 4th meal together since Aunt Candy and Uncle Gordy have been down.
My mom: 2 times
Me: 1 time
Gordy and Candy: 1 time.

My turn next. I think we will have huge baked potato bar with all the trimmings! Then, play wii bowling! All invited!

For so many years, I was here in Florida on my own with Jacob and Jayda. I never thought I would make it through some of those days, trying to be everything. It was worth those years alone to have lots of family today!

I wouldn't trade my family in for anything. Not even the Florida lottery of 37 million dollars that I hope is ours so I can share with everyone!


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