Monday, February 18, 2008

Running to keep up!

Well, he did it. Don't know how, but he did it! Michael sat the baby up at a slight angle and he sat himself up. He did it about 10 times in a row! We have video!

He also throws his right leg forward and back to make his bouncy seat FLY!

Another big first was grabbing his foot as I changed his diaper. It didn't last long and it was all he could do to keep ahold of it...with his big belly and all!

So many things alone he accomplished today!

And everytime I pull out the camera to take a picture of him doing one of these things, this is the look I get!

The children did not have school today because it was President's day. The weather was pretty gross today so we stayed in. Jayda made breakfast this morning! Scrambled eggs and home fries! My favorite!! Later we got into scrapbooking. Jayda is now beginning to scrap. I am thrilled to say she has the scrapbooking thing down to a tee!!!

Well, the baby had a busy day of many firsts and many spit ups and many messy diapers. So many so that by bedtime, he was wearing his last onesie that fits(had to be changed so many times today because he was messing them up from both ends!). We also had to resort to a Christmas Reindeer bib. Somehow, he didn't even mind what he was wearing!

Bathed and in bed by 8 pm, again! Let's hope he sleeps through to 3:15 am like last night.

Here's to crossing our fingers for a repeat!

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