Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who's HAPPY?

There are nights I lay down to sleep and bring along Jay Harvey. He likes his crib just fine. There is something just plain comfy about having your baby right next to you. However, last night I began to see a habit forming. (Your probably thinking..."uh huh, I knew it! A baby will not sleep in his own bed if that continues to go on!") Well, you would be incorrect.

He has this habit of when he awakens, and I do not quickly adjust myself to nurse him, of getting my attention. Most babies would cry or scream. Not Jay Harvey! He flails his head from side to side conking me on the arm as hard as he can. As if to say, "Um, hello...baby hungry here. Didn't you hear me grunting? Well...take that and this and that!" This will continue until he has roused me from sleep and latched on proper! Not even lack of sleep can keep me from giggling about this! It make's me so happy to be able to nurse him and stay at home day after day to take care of my late in life baby! Well, not so late in life it would get me in the world book of records.

Both baby Jay and I were undisturbed as Jacob, Jayda, and Michael prepared for their days. Upon waking, I found Jacob's baseball uniform laid out on his bed, Jayda's Guitar in the dining room for me to put in the car, laundry piled high next to the washer and remembered this was going to be one of those kind of days! Pick the kids up from school...run Jayda to her guitar lesson...do the household chores...feed the family...Jacob's scrimmage...watch American Idol(Hey, you gotta have some fun!!!). Yes, I can honestly say, my back will be very happy when I lay down to sleep tonight!

After our first morning feeding and diaper change, I dressed baby Jay and began to play with him. I handed him a plastic beach ball with a jiggly ball inside. He actually grabbed it with both hands and brought it to his mouth to suck on! Well, what's the big deal? He grabbed it with both hands and directed it somewhere! A big first for him! The bonus was that it made his mouth very happy to finally get a taste of that thing he has been kicking on his overhead toy! After all the excitement, photos, and home movie shot, I thought it was time to celebrate.

I decided to get dressed and go to Big Lots to see if I could come across any scrapbooking gems hidden amongst the riff and raff scattered in and among the aisles. This is putting it very nicely!
I found a couple of things in the super clearance section for 1/4 the regular price of $1.00. That's a fancy way of saying 25 cents. But more importantly, I found a Hooked On Kindergarten program for baby Jay. You know, it is for 4-6 year olds. Heck...there's only 4 years until he can use it! Now, your probably wondering why I purchased it so soon. Well, in 4 years I would have been angry, that's the opposite of happy, that I did not get it when I saw it. Then, when I arrived home, I checked the World Wide Web to see what it's official cost was. It was $199.95. That's a fancy way of saying, HOLY CRAP that's expensive! I paid only 40 dollars. So, I think Michael was happy I got that for baby Jay...who is 3 months old and can't even begin to use it until he is 4.
Now, I am just counting on The Mayans, Nostradamus, Y2K, Meteoriteologists, and R.E.M.'s inaccurate predictions of the world coming to an end in the year 2012. Otherwise, this purchase will be null and void. On a brighter note, if 2012 brings the return of Jesus, I am all for that.

After our shopping excursion, I headed to my mom and dad's, AKA Mommom and Papa. They live in a retirement community. She has decorated the thing in flamingo's! Who knew flamingo's could be so cute? http://www.myspace.com/rairiruff Well, all I can say is they make her happy! My dad was cleaning and fiddling around in the yard when I arrived. Cleaning makes him happy! They both were excited to see the baby and he was excited to see them! He really likes all the pink flamingos he finds at Mommom's house. Today though, the fan was most exciting for him to watch. By golly, he could even see it from the other room. I truly think this made him happy today! Soon enough, I was cramping their retired way of life and I had to be off to pick up the kids from school. They had bigger, better plans for the pool with other like-minded, older folks.

I hurried up to school only to wait. Rush Limbaugh kept me company as we both sat and shook our heads at the thought of John McCain taking over the presidency. (Sorry, Dad, no offense.)
Jacob and Jayda hopped in the Saturn, AKA the "B2-10", and promptly began their bickering they had left off with first thing this morning with Michael. Jayda felt he should have taken the objects I was sending to my kindergarten team as she ALWAYS has to do it and it was his turn! However, they both were filled with GLEE when I told them they would have Subway for dinner between guitar lessons and baseball. This made them very happy.

Home at 3:35, Guitar at 4:00, Subway at 4:30, baseball field 4:45, home at 7:15, bed at... well, here I still sit. My computer is happy, though. It missed me today.

Who knew there could be such joy in a single day!?

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suzeyq said...

You have a way with words. It makes me wish I knew you and Jay Harvey. You are doing a great job for your family and friends!


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