Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rock and Roll Baby!!!

If there is a picture with an X on it, click on it...it will be huge. Then click on the back button. This should show you the normal pic in the blog. Working on this technical difficulty!

On Sunday afternoon, Baby Jay rolls from his belly to his back. On Monday evening, he rolls from his back to his belly! While he is on his belly, he is beginning to pull his knees up under him. It won't be long and he will be scooting all over this house!

Part of me leaps with joy at his accomplishments...the other part of me is sad to watch him growing and changing so quickly. I never thought I wanted to have another child. Yet, now that he is here with me...I couldn't imagine life without him. I hold onto every precious moment I have with him. His personality matches his sweet little, uh chubby, face! He is so content and happy! So many parts of him to love!

Even the lint between his toes!!!

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