Saturday, March 1, 2008

Opening Day!

This was an exciting day all the way around!
It was opening day at the baseball field. It got underway bright and early this morning with Jacob out the door at 745 am to meet up for his parade.
They got to ride in the back of trucks through our town!
It started with a firetruck and police escort and were they loud!!!

Baby Jay was ready for a great parade and didn't mind the noise at all! Dad covered his ears though because he thought the sirens were way to loud!

Jayda and her good friend pose for some of my paparazi pandamonium!

Here comes Jacob's float!

There was so much for the baby to see today!

This was Jacob last night at his season opener. They lost big time! I have never seen three straight innings of 3 up 3 down!

Baby Jay didn't mind, he loved every minute of it. It is an odd thing to watch a 4 month old watch every moment of a baseball game!
(It was cold last night!)

Speaking of opening days....
Michael opened the babies high chair today. He then proceeded to put it together lickity split. Jayda even helped! It was a shower gift from Aunt Jayne! He is not eating any food yet, but is he ever interested in what we are doing at the table. Although he really enjoys trying to pull off the table cloths and grab plates and silver ware. Thank goodness his hands are NOT coordinated enough yet. He doesn't get much. But he sure does love a water bottle! Knows how to use it too. Photo may come soon. Today was a day to give the little guy his own seat!
Here he is sitting on his foodie throne!

And yet another opening day...
His life jacket arrived in the mail. We are putting it on him every few days to get him used to the idea. He is not so sure about it yet! Once he is a little older, it will be time to get him out in the boat and fishing!

Spent the afternoon working on Jacob's science project and were lucky to be invited to my mother's house for dinner with the whole gang! Loved not cooking!!! Thanks mom a bunch! You have accomplished a RAK yet again!

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