Monday, March 24, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I am making personalized note cards for a friend of mine! It makes me happy to create things for others. Jacob and Jayda sat down next to me and wanted to make cards too. They are sending out letters to some special watching your could be you! It will take some time though because they are having to do multiple steps and they are working very hard! I love to watch them be creative! They come up with some excellent ideas! It is 100% correct that children learn what they live. It just goes to show you how easy it is to make an impact on children. If this is the case, they learned to think of others and find ways to put smiles on their faces tonight!

The baby is addicted to blankies! No pacifier, no thumb, no fingers, just blankies! Any blankie will do! He cuddles in so close and holds them tight to his face! Then he goes off to dreamy land!

He ate so good today! He had cereal this morning and then squash for dinner! He loved sitting at the table with Jacob and Jayda while they ate too! He made raspberries while he ate and the children laughed! I said...don't encourage him! Of course, he was giggling away and encouraging them!

I ran into my friend Carmella that I taught with today. She had her litle girl in her arms whom is almost 8 months old. Jay Harvey is bigger than she is! He is just shy of his 5th month. Her baby's name is Hope. She was all smiles and so cute! They reached out and held each others hand! Is it wrong I got back in the car and washed his hand? hahaha Although, in my defense she had an awfully runny nose!

I won for PAW (page a week) again!!! I will receive a prize later this week! I posted this page, this week!

Picture of the Day: Only in Florida!


Anonymous said...

Well, Congratulations for PAW again...I love that page. I loved the Picture of the Day. I created it no wonder!!

Love you.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Jessica! Love reading stories of the baby ... wow, it brings back memories! Glad to meet another "central FL" AMR member! Have a great day,

Anne Marie

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