Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jay's 4 month visit to the pediatrician went extremely well!

He weighed 18.25 pounds.
Head circumference was 43 cm.
Length was 28 and 1/2....whoah!!! "Hold on!", the doctor said. Recheck that!
Length was actually 27 inches.
The nurse mismeasured. Ends up the doctor said he would have been off the growth chart were that the case! Plus, when he came back for his 6 month visit he probably would have shrank!
Jay is above the 95% on the growth chart.
He asked how the baby is and I listed off his accomplishments
rolls from belly to back
rolls from back to belly
transfers objects from one hand to the other
uses brush to do his own head
shakes his own rattle
sits upright when on a slight angle
I told him I felt, developmentally, that he was doing very well. The doctor agreed and said he is even a little ahead of things!
Dr. said, "he is doing wonderful and we are to keep up the good work!!!!"
Said to start feeding food at 5 months. Introduce a new food every 5 days. Start with cereals, move to fruits, vegetables and then meat.
Oh, life is getting exciting with a baby!
Then....the nurse comes in bearing gifts AKA shots!

She is a quicker than a whip administering shots and I am thrilled for that. She holds him down and plunks them in his legs!
Bless his heart, just as she puts the first shot in his face turns bright red and he screams out mamamamamamamamama! Takes a breath and does the mamamamamamam one more time! Then that's it, silent, peaceful. He was quickly dressed up and smiling at the nurse!
All in all it was a perfect visit!
Baby Jay is resting here at home and pleasant as can be. I even got a smile out of him! He is squealing as I write this with delight as he plays.

It was short lived as he was quite fussy this evening...until daddy got him to bed at 8:00 pm.

There has been so much going on and I didn't blog yesterday!
The baby does the funnniest thing!
He will put his hands in his mouth, drool all over them, then pull them out and rub them together almost as if he is "feeling" the drool. Cracks me up!!!

Something exciting that happened to me! I won the prize of the week for a scrapbook layout in a club I am in. PAW-Page a week. I will let you know what I won when it arrives in the mail!
Here it is!

I also used my scrapbooking kit my mother in law got me to make a card!
I love the colors of this!

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