Thursday, March 27, 2008

32 years...

My mom and dad celebrated 32 years together today!

Did you know that vehicles are the gift of the 32nd anniversary? How did I know that? I asked Michael to look it up online. I wanted to get them a little something that was for their wedding year. Sorry, I wasn't buying them a car.

However, my dad was taking my mother to dinner and she was buying him a new car! Well, he actually picked it and they bought it together!
It is a red line black exterior and black leather interior saturn vue. Very cute and versatile, but ultimately very cool!

Imagine my parents amazement when I told them what I had learned. My mother didn't believe me! But I wasn't kidding. So she got a flamingo pink chair for her computer table from me and my dad got a package of pistachio's. I know I went all out!!! I am making dinner for them later this week. Also, I made them a "32 Reasons" mini book. It was 32 reasons why I love them going back as far as my childhood! Jacob and Jayda made them cards. They were so funny breaking into my stash to create things!

Well, if I wasn't sure their marriage was meant to be before, I am now. Their dinner bill came out to $32.23! Forward or's meant to be!

This was another great day! The weather was absolutely phenomenal! It started this morning when I went out and got the paper. Sunny and perfect blue sky greeted me!

Baby Jay was his usual good self! I decided to do a photo shoot as tomorrow he will be 5 months!!! Wow time flies.
He wasn't real into it...everytme I propped him up he would tip himself over.

He wasn't as smiley and talkative during this photo shoot so I didn't get a lot of photos.
But a few I loved!

Picture of the day:
This is what greeted me when I went to get the paper. The morning moon.


Anonymous said...

Neat! The pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start a beautiful day! I'm so glad you were able to help celebrate th anniversary. Tell them both we're thinking of them. Jay is just too cute. Love that smile. Lawrie

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