Sunday, March 9, 2008

It rained cats and dogs!

This past weekend brought some very strange weather to Florida!
Bands of squalls and severe thunderstorms complete with hail blew through our state friday evening. Saturday was the windiest day I have ever seen. Sunday the high registered about 67* here.

We had a rather relaxing weekend, considering the weather. It was quiet. Yes, even with a 4 month old I can say quiet!

Jacob and Jayda spent the weekend at their father's house. Jayda had opening day for Soccer and she played two games. They lost their first game but she scored a goal!!! Jacob had a baseball game at 3 pm. We caught the tail end of his game. He was pitching and did a pretty good job! Considering he is not a pitcher by nature!

Our clocks rushed forward an hour today and I haven't been able to catch up since. I am embarrassed to say Baby Jay and I got out of bed at 10:15 am.

Michael, baby Jay and I went for a walk this afternoon in my parent's development. They are still in PA for my Grandfather's funeral and tying up loose ends. The funeral is tomorrow and they will return Tuesday evening. I am sure they will be exhausted.

FCAT starts this week and the children will be going through the rigors of the standardized Florida test. As a teacher, I find them ridiculous...but that's just my professional opinion! They always do extremely well so I am not concerned.

It seems the baby has been completely adorable this weekend and I have snapped a bunch of photos!
Just enjoying life with his daddy!

He started to walk FORWARD in this yesterday!!! That's excellent! He loves his fun gifts he has received!!!

He completed a hat trick!

Baby Jay was hitting the keys and making things move on th laptop...perhaps I spend too much time here...he knows how to do this already!

I even got some scrapping in!

Baby Jay says goodnight...

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