Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's in your eyes

Still busy as all get out planning a big surprise. Can't tell yet!

Tomorrow Uncle Gordy and Aunt Candy are heading back up north for the summer. They are slowly working into being snow birds down here! They bought an adorable house in my parent's community. They live a block from one another. Makes it nice for them. However, since they have been in town, we have played on the B team. They have been on the A team with my mom and dad. Now that they are gone, my mother is stuck with doing fun things just with me and mine!

Speaking of which it is almost the end of March and my mother and I haven't been out to lunch yet this month. We were going out about every week and we decided we need to quit doing that and agreed to one time a month. Hmm, now where to go. How about you all leave me a message down at the bottom of this post in the comment section, You can tell me where the two of us should go for lunch!

Pick up children from school, fast track diner, off to the ball field and then home again. Busy days come and go. My big accomplishment was two loads of laundry, dinner, and planning a big surprise! Fed baby Jay Beech Nut Carrots first food mixed with infant rice cereal. He gobbled it all up! He knows when I pull out the small persimmon fiesta bowl and spoon he's getting food! Today, as he sat in his chair and saw me coming towards him. He sat up straight and his eyes were wide wide wide open! And you've seen his know what I mean!

Jacob won his baseball game. I believe they are 4 and 2 now. Jacob had a heck of a game! He started at third base and turned a double play...fielded a ball and threw to first, the first baseman threw the ball back and Jake tagged the runner out at third. It was so cool to watch!
His first at bat he took a ringer to the back. The kid was pitching fast and wild! Jake didn't even hesitate, he just started running for first base! I was so proud he didn't hit the ground crying like the other children do when they get hit! Woohoo! Once we got home and he undressed I asked to see the spot where he got hit. It was right on his scapula and you can see string marks! Way to go Jake!

Until then, enjoy the posts below.
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