Sunday, March 2, 2008

Riding with the Hogs!

Well, what started out as any other usual Sunday quickly turned into a day long event!
Jayda, Baby Jay and myself headed out early as they were advertising scrapbook supplies at Big Lots. I couldn't miss a chance for a one dollar scrapbook supply!
So, off we go.
Since we are out, I suggest to Jayda that we head over to Daytona to check out the scrapbook store there. Baby Jay's first Bike Week. There were motorcycles everywhere...but traffic was not bad at all. People were driving very well also...even the bikers. There were thousands of them and they were noisy! jayda and I decided anybody and everybody can ride a motorcycle!
Long story short:
Stop at Daytona Big Lots.
Then up to Ormond Big Lots.
Then to lunch together at McDonalds. YIKES!
Then to Tuesday Morning to check on scrapbook supplies.
(Yes, it could be a sickness! Although Mike told me Charles Manson called me while I was out as he believes I have gotten sucked into a cult! hahahaha If he didn't love my creations so much, I might have been concerned!)
I digress...
Stopped at my mother's to pick up my phone and that was baby Jay's first reprieve.
Load back up and head to Old Time Pottery and took mom and aunt candy for the afternoon.
Dinner was held shortly after I took care of a screaming crying child who in between wails was cursing me for making him so miserable!!!
After a great shower, slathering of a and d oinment and baby oil, it was straight to nursing and off to dream land for the little guy. He has been asleep since 730 pm. Woo hoo lucky me!
Although I spent nearly an hour cleaning up my Scrapping corner as I have been busy lately creating! It was out of control! Reigned it back in though and we are all good!
Well, after a long day I can look back and celebrate baby Jays first ever Bike Week 2008!

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