Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fishing for Firsts!

The day started out slow. It was quiet with just Jayda, Jay and myself for the better part of today! We lounged in bed awhile watching tv while the baby took his morning nap. The baby is definitely not a morning person. He likes to sleep in!

Michael and Jacob were up at the crack of dawn and out the door to go and fish this morning! They were meeting Grandpa Jay at the boat ramp bright and early. It would be their FIRST time out together on the Ranger Bay. I can only imagine how exhausted he must be having had to drive all the way over there from Ocala before the sun was up!!

They obviously had a great day and caught several fish each. They returned them all back to fight the good fight another day. We are not big on harvesting the fish, but enjoy the sport of it. However, this big bad boy became dinner!

I must interrupt this little blurb to tell you that Michael's friend Billy caught the fish. Michael met up with them out on the water while they were fishing too! It just so happened that unfortunately, the fish swallowed the entire hook and lure, and would have died in a few days of starvation. Billy would not be able to eat it tonight, so he gave him to Mike so that it would not go to waste.

Notice the look on Jacob's face and how it changed. The first shows him smiling but oh so hating the slime running down his arms and dripping on his feet from the tail. The second photo shows him with a more genuine smile and a look of confidence! This is the FIRST time ever he has actually touched a fish! So I give him credit because there would have to be a large sum of money involved in order for me to touch it! I sure was encouraging him to grab that fish up out of the cooler because it's a guy thing to do and he needs to get a little tougher on the "gross" stuff!

Baby Jay needed to be exposed to his FIRST fish. He was more interested in playing with the newspaper though! Jayda took this picture!

The fish had to be cleaned and that's when Jacob and me exited!
Jayda watched the whole time and would come in and tell Jacob and I what was going on...
"Hey, Mom!"
"What, Jayda?"
"The organs are falling out of the fish!"
"Yuck, Jayda!"
"I just wanted you to know Mom!"
{Out she goes again, returning a few minutes later.}
"Hey, Mom! The intestines just fell out, they're long!"
"That's really gross Jayda!"
{Jacob pipes up from other room.}
"See why I can't be out there Mom?!"
{Out she goes again, and back in again moments later.}
"Hey, Mom! The intestines have a blood vessel on them and you can see it!"
"Neat Jayda!"
{Out she goes again and doesn't come back for a bit.}
"Hey, Mom, here's the fish. Are you going to cook it now?"
"It will be for dinner Jayda."
{Out she bounds again to hang out with Michael.}

The dinner was fabulous, everyone ate some fish...and actually liked it! jacob and Jayda's FIRST attempt to eat very fresh caught fish! Woohoo!!! They said it tastes like chicken! For those of you never having eaten hour old caught fish, it is the best tasting, not fishy smelling, almost has a sweet smell about it. Mmmm, love when fish comes home for dinner!

Onto other topics:
Jacob is definitely growing up! He made his FIRST money mowing the neighbors yard yesterday!
Here he is mowing our lawn today! Our backyard does not look so great. NOT because he can't cut it!!! It's just the lawn itself is not as healthy as it could be.

If you're wondering about the bulldog in the background, those are the back neighbor's dogs. They have an english bulldog and a boxer that looks almost identical to the bulldog in coloring. They harass you when you are mowing the lawn. But they are nice dogs.

Baby Jay and Mike spent some time together this evening as I was busy cleaning up my scrapping mess. I'll show you before and after pictures tomorrow, hopefully. haha

However, Michael kept interrupting and saying{which I was more than happy to go and see!}, "Come here, you have to see this..."
The baby was sticking out his tongue and Mike would make noises when he did it. So, the more noises he made, the more the baby did it. Then, because he was smiling while sticking his tongue out he was then biting down on his tongue. His tongue is this tiny little thing and so cute. They enjoyed each other. For the FIRST time in his 5 months of life, Michael was able put him to sleep in his crib with out me having to "pacify" him! Three cheers for me!!!! And five cheers for Michael in having given me the gift of some freedom! That was around 8:00pm and it is currently 10:56 pm!

Tomorrow my sister and Betsy come into town. I can't wait to see them. It will be the FIRST time they will have seen Baby Jay! I am looking forward to their visit.

Picture of the day:
The sure sign it's a red drum!

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Super blog today. The pictures were so good. Loved the bulldog one for sure. The fish would have tasted good I am sure. Did Jacob tell you he likes grapefruit.

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