Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy Scrap!

I attended the scrapbook expo in Orlando today!
I had so much fun. I spent my money from my anniversary there!
I got a new tool called a Bind it All. It is used to make books and other interesting projects!

There was a show special on it! Couldn't resist!

I then had to sit in Orlando afternoon traffic for 1 hour and 45 minutes on the trip home! was about a 35-40 minute ride in. I met up with two friends there and we stayed longer than I had intended.

My mom kept Jacob and Jayda for me. Thanks MOM! I had a wonderful day and enjoyed it sooo much! Baby Jay went along and was a doll! He was a hit at the show...all the nana's and grandma's and ooma's and mommom's and nanny's loved seeing him there. They ooohed and awwed and said what pretty eyes he has... Etc on the sweet compliments of the baby!

He was tuckered out tonight. Had his bath, cereal and night cap before bed! Snoring as I write!

Jacob mowed the lawn for the neighbors and made 20 bucks.

Marc called from London today and I missed his call! [{Who the heck is Marc, you may be wondering!} He is a neighbor and good friend. Kind of like a brother to me!] It never rang but went to voicemail. I am so intrigued by London and Marc acted like it was no big deal. You remember I took him to the airport on Saturday as he was going to London for business. I am taking care of his cats. I can say I have been there each day since Saturday and I have yet to see them. They are not real friendly. I wouldn't even know they were there were it not for the yucky litter box and food being gone! The are beautiful cats though, just not real friendly. I lovingly refer to them as "feral". But, they are not...just unique, like their owner! I will let you know when I catch word on what London is like!

Picture of the Day:
A mini book I made!

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