Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mike spent the morning out on the boat with his best friend and his two boys. Michael managed to make a wonderful day for the boys and Gary. They were so excited about their great catches! When we met up for dinner, they were stillllll talking about the fish they caught. It was at that moment I realized just how much fun Mike made for them. Memories they won't soon forget...nor will Mike!

The baby is getting such a personality and really beginning to communicate through noises, looks and actions. Today I had to take Marc to the airport. (He is leaving for three weeks to work in London, England!) Mike volunteered to keep the baby while I would be away for an hour and a half. Before I walked out the door, he was sitting in his high chair while Mike had lunch. He kept making these noises and looking at me as if begging, pick me up and hold me! It was just so darn cute and I hated to leave him. I am more attached to him than he is to me!

This afternoon while I was gone, the baby started making raspberries to his dad! I missed his first raspberries. It's this cute spitty kind of thing he does with his tongue and lips! I was sorry I missed it, but not too sorry because as I changed his last diaper of the day, he did it to me and spit in my face. Something delightful about baby spit in your face. Alot like puppy breath, only not as stinky!

Speaking of stinky...the baby is now eating his first foods. You know what I am going to say next so I will leave it all to your imagination!

I need a genie to come through my house and twinkle her nose, nod her head, and make all this clutter disappear! I feel like the baby stuff came into the house and talked to all the other stuff and they are literally all holding an uprising! In between the chaos, the stuff is reproducing and mutating all at the same time. It is time for me to go through, sell it away, give it away, haul it away.... whatever! HELP!!! Mike thinks we need to move to a bigger house. He doesn't understand if we don't get rid of it, it will follow us! Hmmm, perhaps tomorrow I will put on gloves, ear plugs and grab a bag or two and start stuffing it in there. The ear plugs are so that if I touch it and it starts screaming, "no not need me...don't put me in that bag....stop....helllllppp," I won't hear it!
Tomorrow is a day of new beginnings. Perhaps, the perfect day to reflect and start anew....minus clutter!

Sleep tight and don't let the Easter Bunny bite!!!

Picture of the day:

I didn't take this...but I needed to stick a picture here.

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