Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Spring!

While traveling to Ocala today, I realized Spring had Sprung here in FL.
I am sure you northerners are all like...WHAT??? As you freeze your buns, you can only hope for spring!

The trees which had lost their leaves were now blooming in light green baby leaves. I saw a coyote on the move...bizarre...and later in the day a teenager bear. Not quite a baby and not quite an adult...he was a teenager! The azaleas are in bloom. There was even a gaggle of dragonflies. I don't know if they travel in gaggles...but there were a ton of them.

It's a beautiful thing...Spring. I just love the way it feels. Warm crisp clean days with beautiful blue skies. It makes everything better, brighter, and more alive!

Here's Grammy

and Grampy!

Baby Jay found out he likes applesauce. It was his first food he tried from my plate at lunch today with Grammy and Grampy. Then later in the evening while at dinner with my parents he was going absolutely nuts wanting to eat the food on my plate! Tacos...not so good as a first food. But by dessert he conned me out of a few crumbs of my strawberry shortcake. It was a for sure fact...the child wants FOOD!!!

When we came home and after everyone was settled, his first meal was served. It was a bowl of the most deliciousest(Is this a word???hehehe),most fabulous, and blandest tablespoon of Rice Cereal for infants ever! He gobbled it down quicker than you can whistle dixie. I was shocked at how well he managed the food. He would grab my hand shove it toward his face and swallow it right down. He even sat upright to eat. It barely dribbled out his mouth, he didn't gag...he simply LOVED it.
I will add pics to this tomorrow and if I am computer literate enough...I will even post a video.

Til then, I am thankful for warm weather, spring changes, baby Jay, and my family!

Watch for my Picture a Day Posts! I am working on mastering the camera that has me stumped.

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