Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family day!

Wednesdays are the half day mark for the working force people. However, to me they have become holidays!
It just so works out this has become the day I am able to go and visit my inlaws. I look forward to it and I know baby Jay loves it too! All the attention, oogling, loving, silly talk, hugs and kisses make him very happy. Hmmm, wonder why he was kind of screaming today? haha He was tired and needed a pacifier. Oh well, it's a shame he wont take one. For me, it is a chance to reconnect with family, hear funny old stories and have a super lunch!
Aunt Jayne was there and she found a harmonica to play to baby Jay. It was fun watching him as he heard a harmonica for the first time!

We sat Jay in his high chair at Grammy and Grampy's house. It was brand spankin' new! Jay loooves a high chair....means food! He ate carrots today....and promptly vomitted them plus milk all over me several times. Glad I wore black!

Aunt Jayne had a chance to experience the carrot spit up first hand.
Everyone SHOULD have veggies everyday!!! hahahaha

My mom came with me and that made the ride go super fast! Uneventful other than the eagle in a tree, wait, no that was a plastic bag! On a cute note, we saw sandhill cranes with two young chicks. Super sweet! We stopped on the way home at Tuesday Morning and a bead shop. She got some beads at both places and I got a small mini album to make an album of our house remodeling.
We had a wonderful day all the way around!

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad your Mom took pictures the one of the baby looking at Jayne is cute. I sent them to Jayne. The day was great.

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