Friday, March 21, 2008

who knew?

Well, as usual. I start out the day one way and end up a complete different way.
Our plans were quite simple.
Get up.
Do housework.
Get groceries.
Jacob had practice tonight.

Get up.
Go to Michael's crafts to get photo storage boxes on super sale.
Call mom.
Go pick up mom.
Go shopping with mom.
Have lunch with mom.
Go back to mom's.
Leave and go get children hair cuts. (very cute styles!)
Get call from Michael.
Plan to be in Daytona Beach to have dinner with Gary, Jill and their 2 boys.

Baby was tired the whole way through dinner, and fussy!
Have to go and change him in the bathroom...ugh! An experience!
I scarf fod down fast and have to get up from the table.
Go back and visit at their condo awhile and the children played football on the beach. Feed baby Jay when he woke up from nap.
Get back in car to come home. Baby cries whole way home.

Get home, Jacob gets to feed him cereal and butternut squash for the first time. He liked it! I was feeding the baby and Jake was sitting behind me. I turned around and looked at Jacob and he was beaming from ear to ear. He of course immediately quit smiling when I looked cause he was wanting to be grumpy! He was tired too! I told him go wash your hands and you coan feed the baby! He said I dont know how. Let's learn I said! So he jumped right in. Found out quickly that feeding him is like playing a sport. He grabs for the spoon, lunges his head at the spoon, spits it out and so on. Jacob did great!

Gotta run, babies fussing.....again!!!???

I missed the picture of the would have been a full moon on the ocean!

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Anonymous said...

Oh sure a picture promise and no picture again! I wanted to see the moon over the ocean. I think I want to go to Inlet Harbor for my anniversary...tell Dad to take me!

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