Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Diary...

I wanted to share this message that was passed along to me. I am sorry if you have heard this before. I truly enjoyed it.
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A perfect example lies below.

Today is like any other day. Household chores barely done, taking care of baby Jay, laundry constantly in the hopper, pick up kids from school, fast track dinner, and a sporting event this evening! To me, it seems so mundane!
To my family, it means the world. It's a house they feel comfy in, a happy baby, clean clothes that smell of Downy, security knowing I will be there, full tummies, and memories of mastering a skill.
It's the little things in life that seem so meaningless that actually afix themselves to children's brains and make them into the adults they will become.
My husband is no exception to this rule! His parents are being applauded.

Scenerio, it's 6 am and an alarm blares forth it's calling one and all from sweet slumber! I lay there groggy having just fallen back to sleep a half hour ago after the 3:30 am feeding. Knowing this is the start of FCAT, I gather every bit of energy I can muster to rouse myself from sleep in order to prepare a big breakfast to feed the minds of tomorrow's productive citizens. I fail miserably. I promise to lay just a moment longer and then I will get up. I dream of fixing breakfast burritos and how yummy they will be. It is something new the children have never tried before and I promise them they will enjoy. A half hour passes and I am awake. I gather a sleeping baby in my arms, and head for the bedroom door. As I get closer, I smell the most delicious aroma of sizzling bacon! AM I STILL DREAMING? No! There in the dining room sit two happy children munching on bacon and salting their eggs! In the kitchen is the most amazing man, he is fixing breakfast for my children and it is only 6:30 am! Struck in awe, I say I was just coming to fix breakfast! He replies that he was already up and decided to make it! I thank him and tell them all I love them. Wish the children luck. Then, I go back to bed! Mike gets in the shower, and my two sneak in to my room. I talk about their day with them. I fix Jayda's hair for her. Tell them to thank Michael for being so kind to them. Jayda tells me verbatim what I know her teacher has prepped her with for the FCAT. We have an hour for the test. I am going to have a positive attitude and know I can do it. Jacob just stands nearby. I feel so thankful I have the children I do! Then abruptly, the shower turns off and the kids take their cue and scamper off before Mike knows they were even there. On their way out, I remind them to have everything ready to go when Mike says the magic words, "Load em up!"

Taking the time to see past the mundane and cherish these fleeting moments, makes me feel grateful I force myself daily to write in my blog. Even on the chance I miss a day, I still have memories written in stone...er...space...so to speak! My how times have changed! "Till the next time I write, Dear Diary. Signed, Jessica."

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