Saturday, March 15, 2008

One man's trash... another man's treasure!

Who knew a garage sale could be so much fun? I mean, I left the house at 8 am to go and do the grocery shopping. How easily I am distracted. (Michael will attest to that statement.) Well, we passed this garage sale the hundred others. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to get to this one.

Boy, am I glad I did! As I drove up I could see children's toys, etc and thought I might find something there for baby Jay. The woman was putting things out and saying whatever you want, take it and give me what you feel is fair! Well, she had twin boys and two girls. The things were immaculate(I am leery of garage sale things.) and I was more than happy to pick up pj's, outfits, little baby shoes, socks, jackets, sweatsuits, board books for baby, a manipulative toy, a baby playyard, a train table and a train set. All for the low low price of $40.00!

Michael was not as thrilled as I was. He sees it as more "stuff" to take up more space. When he sees his little guy playing with his train table, he will be glad I got it! The trains may need to be checked on the recall list to make sure they are lead paint free...otherwise, in hindisght it would not have been such a good deal to acquire lead poisoning.

To see me going through the bags with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning...funny.

Speaking of Treasures, look at the gems Mike captured while playing outside:

But on a funnier note:
I am using Michael's hand-me-down laptop and it was on it's last legs when he gave it to me. This evening I sat down to write my blog and the darn computer overheated and shut itself down. I said, shoot! As I fiddled with it, I mentioned to Michael well I know what I want for our anniversary. To which he promptly replied, "Well the first anniversary is "paper". I was thinking of scrapbooking supplies!" I thought SCORE!!! I will take that! But I can't decide where I might want a gift card, he told me to whisper to him where I might want one. I thought the great store in Daytona called A Page in Time on Beach Street. He said, well maybe I will just give you money and not drive all the way over there to get the Gift Certificate. I thought to myself, hmmmm, that's still paper!
First of all, the man knew the first anniversary was paper. Secondly, he obviously took the time to find out. Then, he asked me where I would want my prize from. Lastly, he made me laugh when we had this little exchange.
When I ask him what he wants, he always says nothing. I don't need anything. Sometimes makes me feel bad, cause I "need" prizes!

Speaking of "prizes" here's one my mother had to have from the garage sale...of all places!
It is my picture of the day:

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