Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

to us! Michael and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary today!
I made him a scrapbook album of our life together. It turned out awesome. I will take and post pictures tomorrow. It has kept me so busy and I couldn't tell what it was that I was doing because he reads my blog everyday! He got me money, for "paper" the traditional first anniversary gift!! He knows I am going to use it for scrapbooking supplies....maybe! Or something fun for me!
PS: Michael LOVED the album. jacob and Jayda even wrote in it for him. Come back tomorrow or the next day and read it after I post it!

We ate the cake top from our wedding a year ago. It sat in the back of the freezer for a year! I took it out yesterday to thaw. It was surprisingly delish! Does this mean we are going to continue to have a wonderful marriage? Let me research why we eat old cake on our 1 year right back...
Ok here you go:
"Many couples make a tradition out of freezing their wedding cake for a year and eating it on their one-year anniversary. It is considered good luck and an omen for long life together to preserve the tope tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary."
If this is the case, we are going to be like married for a hundred years at least. It was in perfect condition, fresh as can be, and sooo yummy!

Consider yourself in the know!

Now, 5 things I learned about Mike this past year:

1. He hates Hillary Clinton.
2. He is a proud member of the preserving your boat from corrosion club. He owns every jar, spray, tub of the gunk and is NOT afraid to use it.
3. He hates pulling weeds.
4. He loves to sneak a dessert now and again, even though he acts like he doesn't like them.
5. He loves me and the children a lot!

Jayda had a soccer game this evening and they lost! She played excellent, as usual!
Afterwards we went to my mother's house for our Anniversary dinner! Spaghetti and meatballs! Yummers! Thanks Mom!!! Baby Jay had applesauce mixed with rice cereal. He was so funny while he was eating! He got silly and started oozing the food out and giggling! Had everyone laughing!

He hugged me! My baby hugged me today. Grabbed me around my neck and nuzzled in so tight! He was extra demanding of me today when I was working on Michael's gift. I picked him up and he held on tight. He is changing so much and so quickly!

Now, if you look just below the Picture of the day, you will see a place that says comments. Click on that and leave me some love. It is REALLY bad when your mother is the only one leaving messages! Don't get me wrong mom...I love the love! Help a girl out...hello...check one, two, check...tap tap this thing on????

I am exhausted and need to get some sleep!

Picture of the day:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, it's me the scrapaddict (Carol) great pictures! One would think you work as a photographer, instead of a homemaker!LOL!

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