Friday, March 14, 2008

You've gotta ask yourself... you feel lucky? Well, do ya???????

Today, I spent the majority of the morning getting Grandpa Red's birthday present together. He turns 94 on the 18th of March. 94!!! He is a bright and alert man who still has his wits about him. He can remember a story in complete detail from when he was 6...14...and yes, even when Peggy was 1 year old. I loved hearing his stories on our Wednesday visits and I learned so much from him! Everyone may think I took the baby to visit his great grandpa while he was staying here in Florida, but I went because I looked forward to talking with him. I feel so LUCKY to have had the chance to get to know him so well! I copied off every single page of my blog to date and put it together in a binder for him. He enjoyed reading about us all and I knew he would enjoy the chance to catch up since he has gone back up North for the summer.

This morning I had to go to Walgreens to get some pictures run off. I knew they had a great deal on refill ink cartridges. Take it in, they fill it while you wait. Well, for some reason, the lady told me there were "skips" in the practice print after they were filled. She filled it but said she couldn't charge me for it. Same thing happened to the color ink, the blue was skipping. But she returned them to me anyway. I thought...hmmm...I wonder if they just need to run a little bit. Sure enough, get home fire up the printer and presto. Like a dream, they worked! Well, the blue does skip a little and the black would do weird things about every 45th page but still...that was a 25 dollar savings! Well, this is fun, I thought. My day was made at 9 am! Did I ever feel LUCKY!

I work all afternoon until it is time to go and get the children. I had to hurry as I needed to get it out in the mail today. So, I manage to get on the highway and wouldn't you know it...traffic is crawling! Hmm, not to panic. I drive about 3 miles going about 25 MPH and soon enough I pass the accident and I am on my way again. No problem, and on time still. I sure felt LUCKY! That highway can be brutal with traffic.

On the way home I stop at Kinkos/Fedex. I need to send the package out. I am walking up to the counter when what to my wandering eyes should appear but jolly old scrapbooking supplies and 8 shelves my dear! Well, big whoopty doo. Well, it is a big whoopty do...everything was mega clearanced. 47 cents through $1.47. Mini books to fill for family. I stock up! That's great but no sooner did I check out and realize fedex would ship for 30.00. What??? No, thanks. LUCKily I bolted out the door for USPS. As today's luck would have it, there was no line!

However, my luck ran out after dinner. Baby Jay is cutting teeth!!! He was terribly cranky and silly! He cried most of the evening or squealed back and forth with his dad.

I must go now I am getting a migraine. Not LUCKY!

Picture of the day:

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008